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I'm surprised with the cherry blossom this year too, even with the wind and rain we had the past couple of days, the blooms are still hanging onto the tree! Enjoy them where you are!


I love your socks!!!! Soooo cute :)


The socks are really cute :) I´ve never seen something like that here in Germany.
P.S. it looks like on your left foot there are only four toes...?


I actually think the blur in the middle creates a really superb, surreal image! But it must be a pain for other shots ;)


Amy, your tabi are adorable! :)

Happy to hear you are feeling better and you got to see the blossoms. :)


excellent footwear. Glad you got your toenails back- looks like they're a pretty close fit.



Just a little comment of your camera. I have an older Fuji FinePix at least 6 years)and it slowly started losing functions - zoom wouldn't work, message window was all garbled, it wouldn't hold a charge. Only thing that worked good was the macro picture taking. But could only take a couple pictures. Was seriously thinking of buying a new camera. Then talking with someone they suggested just get a new battery. Guess lithium-ion baterries don't last forever. So got a new battery , put it in to charge and slowly ALL functions have come back! Saved a lot of money!


Pretty socks - with the toe for sandals?

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